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First Name (s) Surname DOB Service No
Samuel Flenner 23/10/1919
Silverstein 14515956
Horley 13116358
Unnamed 605042NEW
Sidney Joseph 25/11/1922
Unnamed 259643NEW
Yisael Tal 13/9/1924
Leonard Shulman 7656525
Henry Landsberger 1/1/1926
Stanley Cohen 22/7/1926
John Storkey Taylor 20/1/1926
Unnamed 391418NEW
Unnamed 66894NEW
Unnamed 145446NEW
Ivor Isaac Singer 2/6/1925
Bernard Young
John Storkey Taylor
David Roland
Anthony Roberts
Unnamed 499573NEW
Gerald Rhodes 23/2/1926
Dennis Paull
Stanley Miller
Norman Leverton
Monty Hornstein
Harold Gould
Arnold Goodman
Arnold Glynne
David Glynne
Victor Gavzey
Thomas Dunlop
Monty Dorsman
Ken DaCosta 7/3/1926
Leslie Brem
Raymon Allan Benedyk 5/7/1926
Unnamed 382263NEW
Jack Hyman
Maurice Hyman 30/9/1924
Josef Frankl 18/8/1933 459809
Unnamed 293487NEW
Ronald Cope 22/7/1927
Neil Levitt 16/6/1928
Asher Kahaner
Jan Frankl 16/6/1898 M 211938
Sidney Grant 2/11/1925 P/MX 733130
Sidney Grant P/MX 733130
Bernard Harry Jacombs 15/9/1925 FK 605462
Michael Sherwood (previous Schwarzbard) 1/12/1924 14442285
Unnamed 947602NEW
Francis Linden 14916598